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What do Coco Chanel and a medieval farmer have in common? No, it’s not that they both believed a black dress is all a woman needs. The answer is a lot shorter: a logo.

Yes, a logo is what 13th-century business owners used to put on their cattle. The same way Coco Chanel used interlaced letters of her name on the perfume bottle, created by herself.

Cow with branding sign Cow with branding sign Cow with branding sign

By using logos, farmers could differentiate their product from that of competitors. And Chanel got a symbol that brought her timelessness and fame. However, if you’re a modern business owner, you know that a logo has to include all these aspects.

Thus, it brings up a huge challenge: how to find the best logo designer? If you struggle with such an issue, this article will be your solution. So let’s answer all your questions.

What’s all the fuss about these logos?

Michael Bierut, who designed the logo for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, said: “Logos work the same way as religious symbols. There’s nothing inherent in shapes but it’s what these shapes represent in the minds of the people who are looking at them.”

In other words, a logo isn’t just a nice picture you put on your website. It’s a powerful symbol that embodies your business and the principles it follows. And here are the three ways in which a logo can enhance these principles:

1. Recognition

Now let’s see how it works in real life. What do you think of when you hear the word Adidas? Do you think of three black stripes on white sneakers? Or imagine a celebrity athlete running in these sneakers or jumping to score a winning point? 

Whichever way it works for you, your associations with a brand are visual. And you just need to see three black stripes to think of anything you put into this brand immediately.

Why immediately? The 2019 research conducted by Email Audience states that an image is processed from 6 to 600 times faster than a word. Thus, processing a single image takes 13-150 milliseconds compared to 3.75-7.5 seconds per one sentence. Taking the previous example, you’ll think of an athlete faster if you see sneakers with recognizable stripes than if you read the name.

2. Competitiveness

When a new company is created, it doesn’t mean just another business. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, it’s one more rival in the competition for people’s attention. For a consumer, however, it means one more point in the long list of options.

So how can a person choose your company if there’s already plenty of such? Logo. Yes, a memorable and unique logo is what will make your company stand out in the market. Choose a distinct logo color, stay consistent with it on various platforms, and you’ll improve your brand recognition up to 80%.

3. Loyalty

Besides that, a logo is as much about loyalty as it is about affiliating to a brand and its principles. For instance, why do some people put Apple stickers on devices of other brands? Because they want to be related with guys from Silicon Valley or the innovations that this company has brought into the world. 

The same goes for Starbucks. When someone chooses a plastic cup with a green mermaid on it, they don’t just do it for the coffee inside it. The same drink is sold in almost any other coffee place on that street.  

What people buy alongside Starbucks coffee is the image it carries. Do you see someone with this cup? It’s probably some freelance logo designer that doesn’t have to work 9 to 5. Instead, they can travel the world and make money with their laptop.

And how much does a logo cost?

You must have heard of cheap logos that brought brands worldwide fame and expensive logos that caused major backlash. For instance, the Nike logo cost $35 and has been on the market since 1971. This simple yet elegant design has turned Nike into a truly iconic brand recognized all over the world.

Nike logo design history Nike logo design history

On the other hand, there are such cases as the rebranding of British Petroleum. In 2000 the oil company decided to change its green shield logo into the one resembling the sun. The new logo cost $211,000,000 and was meant to suggest more eco-friendliness of the company.

However, the public didn’t support this decision as they linked British Petroleum with oil spills. This, in turn, carries the message opposite to the one this brand attempted to share.

British Petroleum logo redesign British Petroleum logo redesign British Petroleum logo redesign

The question now is: “What is the real price for a logo?” In reality, a professional logo designer charges way less than $211,000,000. However, there is no universal price for logo design on the market as the range of prices varies drastically. 

Why? Because there are numerous criteria that have an impact on the price. They include designer’s experience, skills, country of residence, and type of customer’s request.

Taking these points into consideration, the price of a logo design might cost you from $5 to $5,000 and beyond. The same principle applies to designers who charge hourly or name the price for the whole project. 

For instance, on Fiverr, a logo costs from €4.52 to €6,800. At the same time on Upwork, designers charge one hour of creating a logo from $5 to $150 per hour.

Why such a wide range? Depending on your price, you might get just an illustration or a whole package. For €4.52, you’ll get 2 high-resolution concepts of a logo with its transparent variant. The delivery date might be in a day or a few weeks, depending on the designer. And the number of revisions is usually limited to 1. However, you can find better bargains such as below.

Basic logo design package on Fiverr Basic logo design package on Fiverr Basic logo design package on Fiverr

However, €4,070 might get you 5 high-resolution concepts, a transparent logo, stationery design, social media kit, and a vector file. A vector file is needed when the logo size is changed. 

Such a format allows it to be enlarged infinite times without losing the quality. Moreover, a logo designer might also include in their package your brand’s own typography, brand strategy, icons, and patterns.

Premium logo design package on Fiverr Premium logo design package on Fiverr Premium logo design package on Fiverr

On the other hand, you might look for a logo designer on Upwork. Unlike Fiverr, this website’s interface doesn’t include a segment that lists what the designer offers for a particular price. All the information you can find out is listed in the designer’s description box. 

Upwork logo designer’s profile  Upwork logo designer’s profile

The designers that charge more usually include a detailed scope of their services. Although, it’s still not as precise as at Fiverr. More information can be clarified in private conversation with the designer, which means you have to spend more time on that. Besides, as more details appear, the price might increase, too.

Upwork logo designer’s profile Upwork logo designer’s profile

In other words, looking for a logo designer to hire is like playing Russian roulette. A lot of money can get you as good a design as less money would. Or the other way around. 

In his YouTube video, Will Patterson, who specializes in logo design, compares what logos you can get on Fiverr for different prices. So what results did he get?  For $40, $135, and $450, Will got logos that some of them he considered to be pretty good. But not everyone might get as lucky as he did. 

So what should you do then? Pay more and avoid risk or try your luck for a lower price? For those who don’t want to play this risky game, there’s another option. You can choose a flat-rate service, like Awesomic. This service would benefit those who would like to omit:

  • rushing among a wide range of prices
  • spending their time on choosing the right candidate
  • paying additional money for more revisions

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And I’m paying this much for just a picture?

Awesomic believes that a logo is more of an asset than a picture. A logo can boost your income or destroy your company’s brand. Even a cool logo designer can create a logo that you love, but the customers are repulsed by. So what should you do in this case? Of course, change the logo. If it doesn’t bring value to your company and even damages its profits, it’s not worth the risk.

Chris Do, the CEO and founder of The Futur, agrees with Awesomic’s belief. Here’s what he said in the “Money Talk” workshop: “When you buy a logo design, you don’t pay for pixels. What you acquire with this picture is the value it brings.”

That’s why business owners shouldn’t hire a logo designer only based on the price and style of their work. You need to be sure that this person will create a logo that will add value to your company. And if saving money is your priority, opting for an unqualified logo designer might lead to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars more.
How come?

In 2010 Gap decided to change the logo that it had been using for over 20 years. The estimated cost of the new logo was in the range of $100,000,000. However, the new logo was used for only 6 days as it received enormous backlash in the media. The brand had no choice but to go back to its previous logo, which is used till these days.

Gap logo redesignGap logo redesign

What’s the moral of this story? Value. Repeat after us: a logo must bring positive value to your company. Therefore, the price or speed of creating a logo isn’t an exact measure of assessing its quality. The main thing is how accurately the logo reflects the concept of your brand and your values. 

A good example of this is Facebook’s rebranding into Meta. As its founder Mark Zuckerberg suggests, this action was needed as Facebook’s identity has changed. The values of a social media network changed and, as a result, it affected its logo. 

As Facebook became a metaverse company that covers numerous platforms and purposes, it needed a new logo to reflect its new values. Now its symbol lives in motion and 3D, creating a continuous loop that also resembles the infinity sign. This way, it symbolizes the infinite horizons in the metaverse of the company’s purpose.

Facebook logo rebrand into MetaFacebook logo rebrand into Meta

Facebook’s, or better to say Meta’s, recent changes are a dramatic example showing us a logo is the essence of a company’s brand. It plays a much more important role than just a picture — it’s a facade of what is included in it. 

Behind the eye-catchy image, you’ll find a whole world of brand concepts, senses, and values the company aims to broadcast to the world. Ask yourself: when does the company need a logo? 

There are only two answers: when it’s newly created and when an already existing one needs rebranding. In both cases, a logo becomes a message to the world of what this business is and what matters to it. 

Shannon DeJong, founder and owner of House of Who branding agency, proves this point. She believes that a logo is “a complex ecosystem. It’s internal, external, exists in the minds of the customers, it’s all of these things rolled into one essence.

So, what do you think: are you paying this much for just a picture?

Why hire a logo designer when there are other options?

If you still think hiring a logo designer is unnecessary, pay attention to such facts. A logo designer who has studied color psychology knows that a well-chosen color can improve the likability and recognition of a brand. 

As Reboot’s study suggests, 91% of people are able to recognize Google by only the color scheme of its logo. Moreover, such knowledge of using color can increase purchase intent.

Alright, we have a graphic designer in our company. Maybe they can create a logo for us?

No doubt your company’s designer creates excellent illustrations for social media or websites. However, is it a good idea to hire a graphic designer for logo design? 

Every niche expert guarantees to have much more experience and knowledge in a particular topic. Therefore, it’s more likely that a logo designer will provide you with a better result in a shorter period than a graphic one.

And what if I simply use one of the logo generators? It takes 5 minutes and it’s free.

There’s nothing wrong with using online logo designers. Yes, it’s a few-minute process that can give you up to a dozen of logo designs as a result. However, the fact that it’s free explains its value. Remember: if a logo costs four dollars, it’ll bring value for four dollars. And if it’s free…?

One more thing. When you use such services, your company’s research consists of choosing your industry, typing in three keywords, and choosing the font. Is that a thorough analysis of the market and customer base? No, it’s less than a home assignment for an art student. 

Moreover, what you get as a logo on such websites is a stock illustration with some text under it. If your goal is to have an exceptional and memorable logo, hire a logo designer and not AI.

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Ok, but how to find a logo designer?

As you realize you need not just a nice picture but a well-thought-out logo, this raises another concern: where should you look for an expert to create it? Even though the Internet is swarming with logo designers, hiring a good one is a tough task. 

Yes, you can find potential candidates almost everywhere, as they use all the possible platforms to attract customers, including even posting funny videos on TikTok. However, how sure can you be that this is a professional logo designer? 

That’s why it’s more reasonable to look for an expert on the sites which are created for this purpose. Here are three of the most popular and time-tested variants. But as everything else, each of them has its pros and cons.

Freelance sites

This platform for hiring a logo designer online is highly popular among freelance workers. For example, as of October 2021, there are above 55 million users on Freelancer. Such popularity is caused by a simple algorithm: employees can either post their vacancies or contact the concrete user.

✅ Advantages

Detailed and accurate request. On these platforms, you can conduct a thorough search for a logo designer you need. You can choose between options of location, language, expertise, and price. And even after applying multiple options, the candidate pool is still numerous.

Two-in-one solution. Besides looking for an employee, you can post a job offer with your logo request. This option would benefit those who want to save time spent on looking for a designer. Instead, the search is limited to only those who are already interested in your offer.

❌ Disadvantages

Pig in a poke. How sure can you be that you’ll actually get what you want after spending your time, money, and resources? Or that the result will be not a copy but the original? Your only guarantee is a bunch of reviews from some strangers.

Portfolio sites

Unlike freelance sites, this variant is more specific, as it presents no other spheres but design. Here, you choose an expert based on their portfolios, after which reach the best candidates out and discuss the price. Well-known examples are Behance, Dribbble, Coroflot.

✅ Advantages

True way to assess creativity. In contrast to freelance sites, this one allows you to hire a freelance designer based on their skills, not descriptions or prices. Here, you can immediately check candidates’ previous work and evaluate if they’re good enough for you. 

Direct contact. If you find the logo designer who is the best fit for your business, all you need to do is click on the “Hire me” button. This way, you could easily start negotiating with experts and always be in touch to discuss every detail.

❌ Disadvantages

Taking risks. Such a format gives you zero guarantees, just like portfolio sites. Won’t you spend weeks waiting for the logo? Will you actually get what you want? There are more questions than answers.

Design subscription services

A platform like Awesomic is an affordable solution that provides you with a ready-to-go candidate at a flat monthly rate. Unlike the previous variants, this one does all the needed things to find a logo designer instead of you.

✅ Advantages

Recourse efficiency. In contrast to portfolio sites, there is no “surprise!” price which you find out of the blue. Also, there is no overpricing, like on freelance sites. Here, you always know how much you pay and what results you receive after.

No stress. With the help of a design subscription service, you forget about the hassle of looking for a perfect candidate that meets all your requirements. No rushing, sorting out, interviewing, or assessing. No rushing, sorting out, interviewing, or assessing. Instead, you get in touch with a reliable expert who can provide you with all the designs you need in the shortest possible time.

More concentration. As such a design service relieves you of unnecessary hiring and management work, you have more time to focus on other projects or tasks. Thus, looking for a perfect designer is no more issue for you, you can concentrate on developing other aspects of your business.

❌ Disadvantages

Not a one-time solution. If you’re looking for just one logo, this variant is less profitable for you financially. It’s great for those who think big and, besides the logo, would like to create a wide range of brand assets, including even brand books or main corporate templates.

How to be sure I hire a logo designer who will get me a good result?

As soon as you find a suitable resource with many prominent candidates, it turns into some kind of a mean joke to you. Now, there is a new issue bothering you: how to choose the best expert among all of them?

Typically, business owners or HR specialists spend an awful lot of their time figuring out whether a candidate is a right fit for them. To prevent you from this, we asked our best designers at Awesomic one crucial question:

“What do you think are the three main signs of an expert logo designer and the three red flags of an unqualified one?”


The recipe for a perfect logo is simpler when you know its ingredients, right? Now you’re aware that a logo is more than just a nice picture — it’s a combination of your company’s values, concepts, and message you’d like to convey to your customers.

Now finding a logo designer isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack, is it? That’s because you discovered more hiring platforms than just Upwork, including portfolio sites and design subscription services. Besides, the myth that professional logo designers cost arm and leg is finally debunked.

And as a dessert, you’ve received valuable advice from the team of Awesomic. There’s no doubt that it will guide you to the expert that can create the logo of your dreams. So are you ready to set off on a quest to get the best logo?



What does a logo designer do?

A logo designer creates a branding image that symbolizes a company or a product. The creation involves discussing concepts with a customer, researching the customer's industry and product, and preparing illustrations using a computer.

How long does it take a graphic designer to make a logo?

There is no specific number as it’s individual to each case. However, the length depends on the processes that a logo designer goes through to create a logo. A few-minute design is good as an initial sketch. With additional research and revisions, it might take several days. And in the case of big corporations, approval committees, evaluation, and improvement could prolong logo design to several months. 

What to expect from a logo designer?

A logo designer will ask you for initial details of your request in a branding questionnaire. It should include information about your business, budget, and design vision. After research on your industry, the designer will present you with logo design drafts alongside commentary of their choice. Here, the designer will expect your feedback on the draft. 

After the revision stage, the logo designer will present the final design in several picture formats: PNG, JPG, and vector file. Besides that, a logo designer might provide you with your logo specifically sized for various social media or websites.

How much does a graphic designer charge for a logo?

The cost of a logo may vary from $0 to millions of dollars. The price difference is caused by such factors as expertise, speed, whereabouts, and the style of a logo designer. Another factor that affects the price is the platform through which you hire a logo designer. Freelance designers usually change less than designing agencies. And online logo generators only require free registration. 

How to find a logo designer online?

There are three of the most popular and time-tested variants. The first one is freelancing sites, like Upwork or Fiverr. The advantage of such platforms is that they have a plethora of users that you can sort out by several parameters. In addition, there you can also post your job advertisement to freelancers.  

The second one is portfolio sites, like Behance or Dribbble. Their main benefit is that they allow you to assess designers based on their creativity and skills. They also provide you with an easy way of communicating with candidates. 

The third one is design subscription services, like Awesomic. For a fixed monthly payment, they take on all the hiring responsibilities, allowing you to focus on other more priorities. In the end, you get the top-notch logo designer without any stress.

Moreover, unlike the other variants, this one gives you much more than just a logo. After paying once, you are free to request dozens of tasks during the whole month. That means you could develop more brand elements, including brand books and even corporate templates like email or presentations.

How to hire a professional logo designer?

While choosing the best candidate for your business, pay attention not only to the logo they provide you but also to additional working aspects. Based on the advice of Awesomic’s best designers, top logo designers always meet such requirements:

• conduct short research about a company and their target audience
• create a design that reflects the idea of ​​the company and its tone of voice
• know how to find simple solutions even for complex problems
• think out of the box and create a unique result
• prioritize their customer's needs and tasks above personal goals and style
• know how to work in different styles without being tied to the specific one

In contrast, if you see such red flags during the working process with a logo designer, run away, just like Forrest Gamp did:

• don't think about the meanings that they put into the design
• create a logo without empathy for the customers and their businesses
• make easy decisions for their own sake and wonder why customers want something new
• create trivial solutions that don’t allow the logo to perform its main function — identification
• avoid experimenting in any possible way, and have a bad imagination
• don’t communicate throughout the process: disappear after getting an assignment and show up only when they’re on deadline

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